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Monday, April 21, 2014

So Much More To Come

It has been less than easy keeping up with my blog lately. The keyboard on my laptop was (is) broken so I was only able to post from my phone. That is not so bad for small editing jobs or short posts, but for something as in depth as what I usually try for, it just stinks. I finally got a usb keyboard, and now am able to type. Now that I can see too, reading and blogging is not such a daunting task.

Now here's the thing, I have been simply been reading whatever I come across, usually choosing at random. I have not really had much aim. I do not even know how many people subject themselves to my opinions, but I would like to toss something out there. If you are reading this, and enjoy my insane opinions, thank you. f you would like to help give my blog a little direction, if there is a specific book you would like me to review, let me know. 

There is only one rule. The book has to be available in e-book format.

Any book. I will read any book at least once. Some have made me want to rip my eyes out, but I finished them, except for one with way too many terribly juvenile metaphors an one that was NOT written in a way I could understand.

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