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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On buying and borrowing e-books on your Kindle

I really cannot say enough how much I love to read. Nothing is more rewarding that completing another well written book, except finishing another badly written one. Books are thrilling, fun, fantastic, entertaining, teaching, amazing things. Accessing books should be simple for everyone, no matter where they live, and how much money they have. 

I am so happy that makes so many books instantly available. I am even happier at the selection of books that are free, or nearly free. I try to check the free selection weekly, because they are always adding new ones. Some of them are classics, but some are also very new. Some are written by new authors wanting to get their work out there and gain a following. Some are short stories and novellas, some are just a few chapters of a novel set by the publisher to give you a chance to decide whether you really want to buy the book or not. It is a nice opportunity to expand your Kindle library.

Here is something that excites me even more, library books, lent to you on your kindle. If you are unsure if this is a good idea, let us look at the pros and cons of such an idea:

  1. You do not have to physically go to the library to get your book. This can be especially convenient for those that work or sleep during library business hours, or live a good distance from their local library while lacking transportation. This is also a good thing for busy people that are always on the go, and single moms that have hyper small children.
  2. Your book will return itself whenyour borrowing time is up. This means that you never return a book late, so you will never get a fee. You can extend your time, also, without having to step foot into the library, which is convenient. When your time is up, the book just disappears off of your device, and goes to the next person in line. 
  3. You always know where the book is. I cannot tell you how many times I, or one of my children, have managed to misplace a library book. Sometimes, the book is not found for months. The fees for such a situation are pretty high.
  4. No more damaged books. You will not borrow a book that is missing pages, is written in or on, or is falling apart in your hand. Your dog, child, or other family member might have a difficult time damaging the book requiring you to pay repair or replacement fees.
You have to have a Kindle or Kindle reading app...and a library card.