Sunday, February 21, 2016


After two years without, thanks to my little dude, I have a new Kindle Fire. I have to admit that this device has already basically saved my life in the most basic sense. 

I got a call a couple days before Christmas telling me that my mother was very ill. More than that, that she was in the hospital, in a coma, and likely would not make it through the holidays. After that, I could think of nothing else. I did nothing but lie in bed, feeling miserable. Pathetic. Heartbroken. 

I got my new kindle for Christmas. It gave me something else to focus on, even if the focus was weak. I read eight books between Christmas and the day of her death. She died o the 29th.

This new Kindle is pretty fantastic. They have finally incorporated removable storage, which is fantastic. It's about time. There is, however, a slight drawback which I will get to in a minute.

Like the fire tablets that came before it, there is the option to purchase this device with special offers, which lowers the price. That is always nice, because I love to spend less money on things I want. It includes a front and rear camera, of course, but I have yet to use them. It will connect and cast to fire tv, but not Chromecast. I am not sure if they eliminated the mayday button, but I've never seen it.

With this generation of Fire tablets, they have added the ability to create family accounts. This means you can add a second adult profile and account, as well as multiple children. As long as one adult profile has prime, you have the ability to share it with the other. This shares prime instant video and two day shipping, plus all digital purchases. 

There is now a microsd card slot, It is compatable with cards up to 128 gig. it will hold most of your apps, your music, your photos. It can hold your books, but the kindle app cannot read the sd card. Oops. There is the drawback. There are ways to make it work. Somewhat. But there are drawbacks there too. But that isn't half as important as you might think, since all of your purchases are on the cloud anyway.